We’re proud to serve Nossa Familia coffee and espresso at Well & Good. Nossa Familia coffee is rich in flavor and history. Like them, we share a similar interest to do more in our community.

Nossa Familia means "Our Family" in Portuguese. For six generations, the family of Augusto Carvalho Dias Carnerio's, the owner and operator of Nossa Familia, has offered internationally celebrated coffee from their family farms in Brazil.

Their mission for great coffee goes hand in hand with their commitment to improve the communities they call home which is why we are proud to partner with them and bring their wonderful coffee to Well & Good here in Tigard.

Over a hundred and twenty years ago, Augusto's great-great-grandparents settled on the rich volcanic soils of the Brazilian Highlands.  With perfect soil for planting, and set amidst the beauty of Brazil, Augusto's family still lives there today, raising children and working the same land. The coffee beans of Nossa Familia come directly from these farms and select farms that Nossa Familia has established a true relationship with in Guatemala and Nicaragua.  By partnering with these family operated farms, we are able to care for and monitor the coffee from bean to cup.

Maintaining family traditions, social responsibility and passion for fine coffee, Nossa Familia isn’t just fairly traded, it's Family Traded.  Much larger than this distinction, however, is their family's tradition, and ties to the farm and the families who help grow and harvest the coffee.  In an effort to improve farmers’ living conditions and provide access to healthcare and education, Nossa Familia pays a fair price for the coffee they purchase.  Their commitment to social welfare can be further seen through their regular donations to local non-profits and charitable organizations.

The Carvalho Dias family has won various awards for coffee excellence, including awards from Illy coffee and the ‘Cup of Excellence.’ The highlight was winning the 'Cup of Excellence' competition in 2004. Besides having won the best coffee in Brazil in 2004, the Carvalho Dias family is the only family in Brazil to have at least one finalist every year since the competition began, showing that coffees from the farms are consistently high quality. They attribute this consistency in excellence to the hard work and dedication of past and new generations who have meticulously cared for the coffee plants, the land and the environment for the well-being of the farm.

Nossa Familia's founder, Augusto Carvalho Dias came to Oregon to attend the University of Portland. Inspired by a passion for amazing coffee and social responsibility, he began a new chapter in this larger tradition. In 2006, he launched Portland, Oregon-based Nossa Familia Coffee.  The values of his family are what drive the company.  Their mission for great coffee, social responsibility and sustainability are why we at Well & Good have decided to partner with Nossa Familia.


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